Free Online Resources (Programming, CompSci, Math)

So I decided to make a post about all the free resources I’ve used thus far. Not added the couple classes I took in the local Community College. You can easily get the same classes and better online. Way better. You might ask then, why bother with college? I’m insanely in debt after four years of a Bachelors in Game Art and Design, still unemployed so attaining new skills keeps me occupied. Plus I get to leave the house and meet new people for a few hours a day.

Anyway here are the websites I’ve used and still use:

  • MITx: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Python)
  • and tons of classes from Stanford, Berkeley, UT Austin and more. :

  • College Algebra (possible to get college credit)
  • also has Computer Science courses.

  • Access to all their MIT courses. Most have assignments and some have online text box. (Just started using this one)

  • Computer Science I: Programming Methodology (Java)

  • Math (Algebra/Pre-Calc, Trigonometry, Calculus and more)
  • Great site for learning Math with exercises to practice.

  • JavaScript (Used it supplement a class I took)
  • Also has HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and several other classes in development.

  • Haven’t used it yet but it looks interesting.

Other sites or blogs I sometimes visit: 

Before I even know how to program I was reading Joel on Software (link above). There I found this:

Look at it from time to time and gauge your growth. I definitely do not think I’m even up to Level 0. Looking at can certainly feel overwhelming, but I rather see it a useful guide of things I should know. 🙂

I hope this helps anyone wanting to program, but has no idea where to even start. Learning programming logic first is a great help. During my four years in university there was only two classes in programming using ActionScript. I did get A’s and made two little flash games. However, I didn’t feel like I could do that without constant help from a teacher. I realized later that I didn’t actually learn programming logic. At least in my opinion the class had none of that deliciousness.


2 thoughts on “Free Online Resources (Programming, CompSci, Math)

    1. Awesome!!! I’ve been waiting on that class for over a month now XD. Woooo! Let’s keep in touch when it starts. It’ll be fun learning together :D.

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