Recap of the last few months

I guess I should have posted here long ago, when I started actually dabbling into programming. Still, the whole thing felt so uncertain.

I started with Edx’s Intro to Programming and Computer Science course, in Python (6.00x). It was challenging as that was the first time I was exposed to such concepts. The homework took me twice as long as what was stated. Thankfully there were people in the forums who were kind enough to point mistakes, or give me hints. It was fun even though I didn’t exactly finish. I did 50% of the course before becoming stuck on Big O notation and recursion. I still looked at the videos and read the text, but since one thing builds on the next I found it hard to keep up with the homework. Once it opens up again though, I’ll give it another go.

After that I went looking for other free online classes. Because free is the best. Coursera is a good option but haven’t found its platform as nice as EDx. In my opinion anyway. Very soon I’ll be taking a class there on Game Programming in C#. (language i already know but I’ll get to that. )

Online was a way to test the waters, to decided if I could do this. It was not to see if i wanted it, because I did. Still I learned from past mistakes, its not enough to want it. I find it best to stop dreaming and always walk on solid ground.  I also took a class online on Java, passed with an A but it left me dissatisfied. By the end of it I hadn’t actually created anything with Java.

Waters tested and approved, I went on to find classes in my local community college. Turns out its a pain to get into a class. I get the lowest registration number, and classes fill up fast. I had to check every day, just to see if the wait list on a class opened up so i could get on it.  Then wait some more until the other X amount of people before me decided not to register for the class. Long process. I still managed to get into two classes.  Principles of Object-Oriented Design (very generic class but useful as it teaches OOP logic) and Programming in C# (pronounced c sharp).  Oh and Japanese 1. Just a side note cause that was awesome.

In the C# class I made a bunch of little programs. Then a major group project with two other guys. (Fun but I wanted to punch someone at some point during this project.  More on later posts)

Project 4 was a Payroll application. We had a list of features, and the goal was to implement as many as possible. I learned a bit about SQL Server in the process as well.

I have another semester ahead of me, starting August twenty-something. I’ll be taking more Japanese, because I want to!. I’m on a waitlist for two classes. Programming in Visual Basic and Database Management – Microsoft SQL Server. By finishing  just a few classes, I can get two or three certificates. Might as well.

There’s more to tell but that’s for another post. (More on Project 4, Luxembourg University, and Programming Bootcamp).

I’ve also gotten back to my first love, drawing and painting. Check it out!



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