Low Monday of Hackbright

It is Week 3 Day 1.

Listening: Linkin Park, New Divide

It really is, which is hard to believe at times. We start with HTML which in itself its fun. I learned a few new things about forms and tables, though there is still so much to learn. I wish I had a super brain to soak it up faster, to learn more. Spite all the new learning, I feel very tired. Low on energy like a sad little Tesla needing a recharge. A long power nap would be ideal, right about now. I can’t just pass out at Hackbright though, so tea and music it is.

My mom came to the rescue as well, with some awesome conversation and a poem. I inspired her by simply being exhausted, and she put on her poetry hat. The result was beautiful and worthy of its own book. She wrote it in spanish and a translation might not do it justice but I will try.

Wonder eres tú.
Bella eres tú.
Salvada para ti.
Toda llena de Gracia.
Te tienes a ti misma y a los demás también.
Hija de mi alma,
niña de mis ojos,
cuida con esmero de mi amor,
porque mi amor eres tú.
Translation to go here

Lovely isn’t it?
I took some time to practice what we learned today about tables. It is very simple but I wanted both poems side by side.

Linkin Park New Divide
Starset Centuries My Demons
Fall Out Boy Immortals


As you can tell I’m practicing my html skills above with tables. Woot woot!


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